Ngolaad Consulting is a fast growing company in consulting, project management and business analysis training. Our goal is to deliver career and course advice to aspiring and seasoned professionals to help them develop their career.

We take great pride in delivering a high-standard level of service beyond initial course purchase. We go an extra mile by providing additional features such as course mentors, career and job interview advice, CV writing assistance and general support to all of our students.

Why Choose Us?

Managed Services

Our Managed Service offer a structured methodology to provide the rigour and process needed to optimise business operations and eliminate waste.  


Enabling change driven by in depth strategic analysis, risk management and Digital Transformation.  

Our team of experienced dedicated Analysts will help manage your organisation risk whilst recommending strategies for your business.

We will also you support you through your Digital Transformation projects from initiation to delivery, ensuring right decisions are made at all stages.

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Training Package

Our training package has been carefully created by our experts by identifying the skills gap in the job market and ensuring that our clients are equipped with those skills

  • We also provide practical work experience to enable you achieve your aspired success
  • Our innovative solutions will work best for you from inception up to interview
  • Each client’s journey will be supported by a personal mentor with real expertise and experience
  • We provide affordable development and training solutions to up-skill organisation workforce
  • We support clients’ career goals from conception to successful achievement

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